Пасха (Paskha)

Пасха (Paskha)

Served once a year during Russian Orthodox Easter, Paskha is a traditional speciality made of cottage cheese, butter, sugar and sour cream, and molded into the form of a truncated pyramid. Enjoy a lighter cream cheese version of it, molded in individual mini-forms.
Традиционно Пасха делается в форме усеченной пирамиды из творога, масла, сахара и сметаны. Ввиду приближающегося Пасхального Воскресения, я предлагаю более “легкий” вариант (из мягкого крем-сыра и сметаны) в индивидуальном исполнении. Continue reading

Cardamom Orange Chocolate Mousse Cakes

Cardamom Orange Chocolate Mousse Cakes

Another long-term blog break, but I’m back with something extremely special and absolutely superb. These Cardamom Orange Chocolate Mousse Cakes turned out to be a great success with my recent visitors. Which is not surprising given how well silky sweetness of chocolate mousse marries with zestiness of oranges and the extra mild twist that cardamom adds. Enjoy! Continue reading

White Chocolate and Strawberry Cheesecake

White Chocolate and Strawberry Cheesecake

Well whad’ya know…surprise-surprise, it’s another cheesecake week. Strawberry is in season now, so time to make a good use of it. I generally prefer the taste of a baked cheesecake over a chilled one (and those who feel the same can also try out this recipe of White Choc mini-Cheesecakes), but this is somewhat another exception. Rich, flavourful, yet light and silky-tender with great berry-boost. Simply wonderful. Continue reading

Crème Brûlée

Caramel and vanilla custard cream are perfect partners in this classic dessert. You’ll need minimum ingredients and just basic equipment to bring this silky delight with caramelised crust to life. Not for long, I would assume, as those treasures of taste are extremely hard to resist. Continue reading