Orange and Roasted Nectarine Cheesecake Tart

Orange and Roasted Nectarine Cheesecake Tart

…and the summer goes on! Hidden inside tart crunchiness and fruit explosion of roasted nectarines is my favourite cheesecake, infused with orange zestiness. Refreshing way to celebrate last days of summer. Enjoy! Continue reading

Blackberry and Orange Mascarpone Cake

With nearly 1.5 months of travels I’ve been missing my kitchen and what comes out of it. Having a few recipes in store for just such a scenario, I believe it is time to share one of those. After all, it’s been over a month since my last blog update, which makes (yet again) an unforgivably long pause. While the summer is still around, berries are on the dessert menu as this week it is Blackberry and Orange Mascarpone Cake – moist, semi-sweet and lightly zesty. Enjoy! Continue reading