White Chocolate Cheesecakes with Berries

Step-by-step Recipe


  • 80g biscuits, crushed
  • 20g butter, melted
  • 75g white chocolate bites/chips
  • 250g cream cheese, at room temperature
  • 60ml cream (35%)
  • 125g sugar
  • 1 egg
  • 250g mixed berries (raspberries, blueberries, sliced strawberries)
  • Cointreau or Framboise (optional)


Preheat the oven to 160C. Grease six 125ml ramekins or muffin holes. Line with 2 stripes of baking
paper to make a cross pattern. Place a baking paper circle on the bottom of each ramekin. Put the
crushed biscuits and melted butter in a bowl.

Combine the biscuits and butter. Divide evenly between six ramekins/muffin holes, press firmly.
Refrigerate for 30mins.

Place the cream cheese, cream and half the sugar in a large bowl. Beat until thick and smooth.
Beat in the egg.

Melt the chocolate, either over the simmering water or in the microwave. Beat into the cheese

Pour evenly into the ramekins/muffin holes and bake for 25mins or until set. Cool completely in the
the ramekins/muffin tray.

Lift the cheesecakes out the holes using the paper strips and handles. Refrigerate for 1hr or
until firm and ready to serve. Place the berries in a bowl and fold in the remaining sugar.
Leave for 10-15mins, or until juices form. Flavour with liqueur if desired. Serve the cheesecakes
on individual plates topped with berries.

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