Black Forest Cheesecake(s)

Changing geographies again this week with a culinary trip to Germany. Well, sort of, but not exactly. Since I couldn’t decide whether to make a traditional Black Forest Cake or a chocolate cheesecake, I decided to ‘marry’ them instead and enjoy the best of both chocolate-based delights. Continue reading

Apricot Friands with Orange Mascarpone Frosting

Apricot Friands with Orange Mascarpone Frosting

Friands are little cakes typically oval in shape, made with melted butter and ground almonds. Originally from France, they are quite popular in Australia – and for all good reasons. A combination of icing sugar (instead of caster sugar), egg whites (instead of whole eggs) and very little flour, makes them delightfully light, while the ground almonds keep them beautifully chewy and moist. This week, enjoy this divine dessert with orange mascarpone frosting. Continue reading