Raspberry, Coconut and Lime Cake

Raspberry, Coconut and Lime Cake

Taking advantage of the berry season while summer is in full swing. This week it’s a simple and flavourful cake with key notes of raspberries, accompanied by zesty lime and milky-sweet coconut. I used frozen raspberries for this recipe as I had some left in the freezer, but fresh berries are as good – if not better. Enjoy! Continue reading

Sour Cherry Chocolate Cheesecake

Cheesecake week! As my all-time favourite type of cake (with a some minor exceptions, hello chocolate mousse, rosemary squares and a few memorable others!), it doesn’t stop to amaze me with and array of mouthwatering varieties. This week let’s go for another winning combination of sour cherries and dark chocolate in a zesty cheesecake swirl. Enjoy! Continue reading