About me

 It all started many years ago. I was 8, with no candy stores in sight and a mother who was never much into making desserts at home, at least not to the degree that could satisfy my taste buds completely. One day I was inspecting kitchen drawers for (most probably) chocolates, but discovered a cooking book instead. Thus the long-term solution to tame my internal ‘cry for sugar’ was found. I baked my first cake around that time, thereby setting my foot on the road of making my own cakes – and eating them too!

A few decades later my love for dessert-making and dessert-consuming inspired me to share my passion with others. So with a little encouragement (a.k.a. whenwillyoufinallystartablog) from my friends, here I am….

About my blog

This wasn’t the plan, really. Actually, there was no plan. It progressed from Saturday dinners at our place to weekly baking for my colleagues and then to dessert picture-sharing on FB. After a few recipe requests came a  suggestion to start a blog. And then another one.. and another one. And just a year or so later- voilà!

When I finally started working on my blog, the idea of a ‘step-by-step’ format in pictures for each dessert recipe came to mind. This often was (and still is) a much-needed visual of the process that almost always was available. However, since my passion for desserts emerged way before I decided to share it with others and started photographing the steps of the cooking process, only some of the recipes here are in the ‘step-by-step’ format. Eventually I will try to re-visit those that are not and add the ‘how-to’ in pictures.
One last thing. Although I’ve decided to have the interface of my blog in English, I will use both Русский and English to communicate. Feel free to ask any questions you may have, I’ll be happy to address them to the level of my knowledge and experience.Enjoy!

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