Apricot Friands with Orange Mascarpone Frosting

Apricot Friands with Orange Mascarpone Frosting

Friands are little cakes typically oval in shape, made with melted butter and ground almonds. Originally from France, they are quite popular in Australia – and for all good reasons. A combination of icing sugar (instead of caster sugar), egg whites (instead of whole eggs) and very little flour, makes them delightfully light, while the ground almonds keep them beautifully chewy and moist. This week, enjoy this divine dessert with orange mascarpone frosting. Continue reading

Apple and Cinnamon Oatcakes

Time for something healthy. Apples, oats and cinnamon are wonderfully married together in this simple and oh-so-good-for-you wholesome treat. Need another reason to bake those delicious Apple and Cinnamon Oatcakes? An extremely easy-to-make and quick recipe. Enjoy! Continue reading

Пасха (Paskha)

Пасха (Paskha)

Served once a year during Russian Orthodox Easter, Paskha is a traditional speciality made of cottage cheese, butter, sugar and sour cream, and molded into the form of a truncated pyramid. Enjoy a lighter cream cheese version of it, molded in individual mini-forms.
Традиционно Пасха делается в форме усеченной пирамиды из творога, масла, сахара и сметаны. Ввиду приближающегося Пасхального Воскресения, я предлагаю более “легкий” вариант (из мягкого крем-сыра и сметаны) в индивидуальном исполнении. Continue reading

Mixed Berry, Hazelnut and White Chocolate Mud Cake

Probably my final blog update this year as Xmas travels will start in just a few days, and I won’t be back at my kitchen until mid-January. So I decided to make a special entry this week with a perfectly-balanced dessert that combines sweetness of white chocolate with sourness of mixed berries, making this lighter variation of a traditional moist mud cake simply irresistible. A perfect cake to celebrate the holiday season. Enjoy – and Happy holidays! Continue reading

Cardamom Orange Chocolate Mousse Cakes

Cardamom Orange Chocolate Mousse Cakes

Another long-term blog break, but I’m back with something extremely special and absolutely superb. These Cardamom Orange Chocolate Mousse Cakes turned out to be a great success with my recent visitors. Which is not surprising given how well silky sweetness of chocolate mousse marries with zestiness of oranges and the extra mild twist that cardamom adds. Enjoy! Continue reading